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5 Years of Chaos – The Facemelter 2014 Posters collection

My pals at Chaos Theory are celebrating their fifth year of promoting amazing independent gigs in February. To commemorate the close of another awesome year of designing for them, I’m going to be posting collections of the posters I’ve done. Message me if you’re interested in reprints of any of them, maybe we can sort something out 😉

To start with, let’s have a bit of Facemelter! The original night that spawned the rest, The Facemelter has been stage to loads of truly incredible bands.

5yoc poster collection 2014 facemelter

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Current projects: Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster

I’m  working on something exciting for London-based band Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster at the moment. These guys have been thoroughly lovely to work with, and I can’t wait to show what I’ve come up with! In the meantime, check out their music – they’re progressive post-metal with some serious Tool vibes!

For more info visit these guys website at